Chinese app list in India – 2020

Chinese app list in India – 2020

Many Chinese apps may affect or harm your mobile. This Chinese app contains viruses, malware. Even Every Chinese app launch in India contains a payload, malware, or viruses. But due to strong coding Indian Hackers or Malware analysts cannot find any viruses. Even Google play protect cannot detect viruses. But don’t worry, I will give a list of Chinese app in India that contains viruses and leak our private data. The list is fully updated.

Chinese app list in India
Chinese app list in India

What Chinese app contains viruses can do –

In this present situation, your data is the most important thing you ever have. The most expensive and valuable thing is data. Data is your information present on your mobile and pc. It may be your emails, images, sound recording, videos, and text messages. It contains your privacy.

But nowadays your data is a new weapon for your enemies. It could be misused by your enemies. They can torture, blackmail, leak your private data on the internet, or can sell in deep web or dark web.


Chinese app list in India
Chinese app list in India

How Chinese app leak your data –

So, the question is how the Chinese app may affect your data. Every app needs permission for your device to run. Like a camera app need permission to access a camera, Call recording app need your mic permission to record your voice. That how the Chinese app misused your allow access. And access your file manager, voice recording, and many more.

Now you tell us if I install a calculator application for my mobile to calculate something then why they need the permission of my camera, file manager, contacts, mic, location. Because they want to steal our data and send them to there server. That’s how the Chinese app steal our data and misused them.

Here I have shared a more than 50+ Chinese app list in India


List of Chinese App in India –

  • TikTok
  • Vault-Hide
  • Vigo Video
  • Vigo Live
  • Weibo
  • WeChat
  • SHAREit
  • UC News
  • UC Browser
  • BeautyPlus11 Xender
  • ClubFactory
  • Helo
  • LIKE
  • Kwai
  • NewsDog
  • Photo Wonder
  • APUS Browser
  • VivaVideo- QU Video
  • Perfect Corp
  • CM Browser
  • Virus Cleaner (Hi Security Lab
  • Mi Community
  • DU recorder
  • YouCam Makeup
  • Mi Store
  • 360 Security
  • DU Battery Saver
  • DU Browser
  • DU Cleaner
  • DU Privacy
  • Clean Master – Cheetah
  • CacheClear DU apps studio
  • Baidu Translate
  • Baidu Map
  • Wonder Camera
  • ES File Explorer
  • QQ International
  • QQ Launcher
  • QQ Security Centre
  • QQ Player
  • QQ Music
  • QQ Mail
  • QQ NewsFeed
  • WeSync
  • SelfieCity
  • Clash of Kings
  • Mail Master,
  • Mi Video call – Xiaomi
  • Parallel Space


If you have any Chinese application shared in the above list please uninstall or remove it.

It is a request to all of you. If you cannot uninstall if due to Chinese company phone then please remove all the permission and erase the data.

Here I also share how to remove permission of Chinese app and clear the data –


Step to remove permission

1. Go to setting application

2. Then go to manage apps

3. Then open a Chinese app.

4. Then click on app permissions.

5. Uncheck all the permissions like location, Mic, etc.

Step to clear Data of Chinese App

1. Go to setting application.

2. Then go to manage apps.

3. Then open a Chinese app.

4. Then click on Clear data, clear all data.

5. then Boom.

This all is the only way to protect your data.

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